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Amara’s first novel, The Way Evil Does, is an Amazon Bestseller, having reached #1 in Thrillers, Suspense, and Psychological Fiction. Released in July of 2014, this is the first book in the Eisenbrey Trilogy. Available at Amazon.




Rebecca Reis considers abandoning her career as a novelist until she begins writing about convicted serial killer Thomas Eisenbrey.

Nicknamed the Hunter because of his penchant for targeting groups of hunters in the forest, Eisenbrey is the worst kind of psychopath. He is crafty, aloof, at times possessing a charm that is almost hypnotizing, and he’s wheedling his way into her mind.

As her interviews with him in the Washington State Penitentiary progress, Rebecca finds herself having feelings for the last man in the world that she should, forcing her to ignore her attraction to the detective who is also vying for her affection. But when the Hunter escapes, she worries—who will he hunt next?


The second book in the Eisenbrey Trilogy is anticipated 2015.


Novelist Rebecca Reis is still reeling from her last encounter with serial killer Thomas Eisenbrey. It’s been several months since the release of the biography she wrote about him, and now, to her horror, more hunters have been found murdered in the Washington State wilderness.

Rebecca desperately wants to convince Tom to stop killing. The problem is she hasn’t heard from him in almost a year. She has no idea how to locate the man that nearly destroyed her but, as she will soon find out, he is all too aware how to find her.

Rebecca must decide who to give her loyalty to: her obsession, a convicted psychopath; or the man that’s trying to help her, Detective Darryl Scanlon.